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Games & Fun

Optical Illusions :: Optical illusions and other mind-teasing oddities.

Card Tricks :: Online card and magic tricks that will amaze you.

Famous Quotes :: Start your day with a random quote.  Features a random generator full of famous quotes from famous people.

Random Insults :: A random insult generator for when you feel like being rude.



Shooting Games :: Shooting, fighting and sports games.

Karate Games :: Punch and kick your opponents using your martial arts skills.

Brain Games :: A collection of online games that require some brain power to play.  Try IQ Test!

Puzzle Games :: A collection of puzzle games playable online..

Online Sketch Pad :: Scribble, doodle or draw on this interactive sketch pad.

Game Rules :: Find game rules to board games, card games, dice games & more.





Just Plain Strange

Funny Cat Pictures :: Collection of funny cat pictures from around the globe.

Very Funny Cartoons :: Random collection of funny cartoons.

Random Funny Jokes :: A different joke each time.

Headline Humor :: Hilarious real images from around the globe including funny signs, headlines, classified ads and more.

Pick The Worst :: You are presented with two bad options.  It is your job to determine which of the two is the worst.  Very funny and entertaining site.

Humor Hour :: Lots of funny stuff on this site.

Fast Humor :: Funny pictures, jokes, cartoons, videos and more.


Amazing Camera :: Let your computer monitor take a picture of you.  No special equipment or software is required.  Try it out for free.

PicWarp :: Warp the face of famous people.

Happy Food :: Ever wondered what your favorite food would look like with a happy face?

American Inventor Spot :: Wacky products and silly inventions.

iGossip :: Loaded with weird news and gossip.








Movies & Music


Real Dumb


All Movie Portal :: Features movie reviews by nationwide critics and over 100,000 celebrity pictures.

10 Worst Album Covers of All Time :: Bad album covers with some pretty funny commentary.


Stupid Mouse Click Game :: Totally pointless game.  This one is only for the truly bored!

Pets in Clothes :: Rate confused pets wearing bizarre costumes and other outfits.

Clumsy Crooks :: True stories of actual crimes committed by clumsy (i.e., dumb) crooks.


Free Stuff / Make Money

Trivia & Quizzes

Free Stuff Directory :: Comprehensive directory featuring loads of free stuff!


Map Quiz :: How well do you know geography?

Flag Quiz :: Try to identify the country associated with each flag shown.

Random Fun Facts :: Increase your knowledge with a random fun fact.

Random Riddles :: Challenge your mind with a few random riddles.

Quiz Stop :: Offers serious and funny quizzes on love, personality and relationships.

The Color Test :: This little timewaster pits your left brain against your right brain.



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